Monday, 21 July 2014

Being a female 2

Hello again,
Here's another way to rock up these from the previous post BEING FEMALE.
On this I just took of my jacket and rocked out the road, aaww felt confidential peace in me, hope you do like this style too

Being a female

So I had a great day, plus it was sunday. A day which I get to well dressed. So this sunday, I've just realised that I've worn too much of jean pants with T-Shirts and tops, so I wanted to look more of a woman this I  just decided to go smooth with black and and white again as I did wore last sunday. So for this one, I wore a knee skater skirt with some animals prints on it witha silver belt bought by dadddy, with a white jacket bought by momma, and something terrible happened to my silver high heels that I was going to match up with my belt and bag, so I then decided to put on my black and white loafers since I was rushing for church, and I carried my silver bag. And on my hair I just tied it and placed a black and white flower on it. On my neck I wore a YVES SAINT LAURENT jewelry together with the bracelet on my hand. But I wore channel's earrings cuz I thought it look good with the style I wanted.

So this is all I had on me...hope you like it, and don't forget to comment, +1, follow or add me, or leave below a comment telling me what you liked about this style and any other ideas you wanna let me know, I am always there and I'll be very happy to hear from you all soon. One love, xoxo...♥♡