Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hai bloggers,  i felt like a cooliester, i know the name is weird, but yea I just love it hahah, ok so these pics we're taken a month and a week ago, on my aunt's birthday, and I spent like 40 minutes on choosing which outfits to wear, this is like my second time spending so much time on choosing the gooder outfits ahaha,  first I just wanted to wear a simple floral cropped singlet with a tight jeans, but I thought it wasn't going to look nice and I don't realy like to show out my stomach, and my second choice was to wear a black pencil skirt with a pink crop top and a soft pink open toe  high heels, then I thought it was going to look a bit too much since I was going to be the only youngest person at the party, so I finally came up with this cooool outfits idea, since wearing a shirt with a pant looks simple, I decided to revamp it on my own style,
Just so it wouldn't look that simple, but cool and nice.

So many are people are now wearing checkered shirts, ( which I usually call the square or chess shirt ahaha ) especially celebrities, but they're mostly tying them up around their waists, so I was like DUH! C'mon it's a shirt not a belt it's supposed to be worn on our bodies u know? Not to be tied around the waists.

And then I went online and searched on how to style mine, I then saw how Taylor Swift styled hers, but I didn't really like it. So I decide to tack in my shirt and put on a belt. As you can see I wore a basketball shoes, because these look looked awful with every single high heels or wedges that I tried. So I was like YOLO, I'll just go with the Jordan.

So I hope you liked this style, comment below if you have any suggestions, and I'll love tonhear your compliments about this style, ILY Y'ALL
( I'll really try my best to post every weekend, cuz I'm always busy with my studies)

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