Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hammer Pant

Haii bloggers,
Hope you all had a wonderful sunday, bcuz mine was a blast.
Ok, without too much talking let's start.
This was last 2 Sundays ago, again I'm sorry for the late post, see reason on my previous post ( cooliester ).

I was almost late for church, and I'm also one of the church choir members, so I woke late , and didn't have much time to choose the outfits, and big thanks to my loving mother, my helper of all times here on this planet, I guess I'm talking too much so let's continue.
So since I was late and out of choice, I picked aome casual outfits and just when I was about to leave, my momma screamed in a shock tune, and I got scared and turned to her, and she said "What in the world are you wearing?" Me : "Well they're clothes, and as long as they're not bad and decent, I'm going to wear them at church".
Mom : "aaaa plz, my daughter, I beg eh, I beg you come and change.
Me : " I'm already late.
Mom: " I'm going to help you come".

So the outfits I wore in this pics were piked by my momma. I wore a black and white stripped hammer pants with a back open channel shirt and a black and white pair of sneakers.
I'm don't really like to wear shirts alone like that without any jacket on top of it, idk why!
And so I added my DIY denim jacket on top, (and my mom hates this ) but yeah, and I carried my DIY Studded denim Backpack, just to help the jackect. And I also wore my DIY studded bracelets.

For my hair, I don't even think I should mention that, but duh, I didn't have choice so I just tied a few of them up and released the rest. But I havebmy snapback on my bag.

I really love this glasses of mine, so I brought it with me. Hahah
I had so much fun bike racing with my junior brother and ofcourse my bestfriend of all times, ma babe sister.
( not jayden smith inspired anymore, but maman inspired, lol, if u know what I mean.

Thx, y'all for for passing by, plz don't forget 4o like and comment. iLY Y'ALL...♥♥♥


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